Re-membering of the ONE origin in encounter with animals on July 22nd and 23rd 2021 in Bwindi, Uganda

In the National Park in Bwindi, named as impenetrable, our encounter with gorilla community takes place. Almost half of the world's gorilla communities live there in a national park characterized by tall and dense impenetrable undergrowth. The hike through the jungle to the gorillas' habitat gives powerful impressions that invoke images of a pristine forest. In origin-people-ONE community, man and animal once lived in unity with plants and Mother Earth. Encounter with mountain gorillas causes in us re-memory and causes a foreboding and triggers longing for ONE-ness in the original.

According to the philosophy of light awareness, being ONE is issued from unity, one of the eternally valid values. Unity is one of the 11 basic values. Oneness includes everything. As Presence, all Presence is included, such as Light, Love and Life (3L-principle), Order Harmony and Rhythm (OHR-principle) and Freedom, Peace, Truth and Love (together with Unity - the five eternally valid values).

In the ONE Being, every spirit-soul being that has descended into a human form lives in the awareness that all humans, animals, plants, all beings, Mother Earth and planets in the universe are of the same origin.

In the consciousness of the original Oneness I manage to get into a feeling connection in the encounter in original nature with animals in this environment in such a way that a remembrance of Oneness and foreboding of Oneness reveals itself to me. Blissfully grateful, I witness a mountain gorilla community with a silverback mountain gorilla, mothers and children feeding at a waterhole in the middle of the seemingly impenetrable forest. ONE in plant, human and animal.

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