Mkungu – Planting a tree in Ukunda, Kenia/ June 20th, 2018

Fertile soil is characteristic for Kenia´s coast region. In abundant variety Mother Earth lets splendorous grow plants and trees. Sunlight and warmth, rain and groundwater in sufficient, good quality, clean, fresh air and earth with fertile soil lead to best growing.

We gather in the hotel garden to express our gratitude for the gifts of all plants. A Mkungu, an Indian sea almond tree, had been chosen. Grown up he will be a shadow donor. His fruits are eatable. Leaves and bark are treatments to dye and to heal.

Inside the planting hole we put three heartshaped clear mountain crystals. We bless them with light, love and life. Tenderly we place the tree, cover with soil and water it.

On each of our journeys we plant trees. We say, that all trees in the world are connected. Thereby our blessing for the planted tree spreads to all trees. Plants and trees give themselves away and spend thereby the possibility to recognize again, that life is fulness.

Our anthem leads us to lively gratitude und heartconnecting with the whole creation:

"Powerful your trunk and fertile your treetop, shine in your green glory. Light, Love, Life, I donate my gratitude and my blessing to you."

Monika Koppe-Rulands

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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