Meeting with the Maasai in Kenya - appreciation of their nativeness in Ukunda, Kenya/ June23rd, 2018

The Maasai, who we met again and again on the beach and close to our hotel, belong to a group of this tribe, originally from Tanzania. The prospect of better economic conditions for tourists has led some of them to the east coast of Kenya. In Kenya, the Maasai have a political special status, this includes, among others. the settlement in the national parks.

We invited them to our hotel resort to meet and tell them about our vision for peace. They were accompanied by their chairman and his wife. They presented their traditional dances and accompanying sounds and invited us to participate.

Our illuminations on peace, unity and our vision of a Worldtour for Peace were received with great interest and resulted in an open dialogue in which we could feel that we have reached the hearts of the Maasai.

Despite and also because of their special status in Kenya, many Maasai are not open-minded about their ethnic origin because they fear deprivation. Together with them, we were allowed to percept and experience free and unconditional action on this day.

Norbert Rulands

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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