Meeting and connecting with the Akamba in Kenya/ June 27th, 2018

Lightawareness unites all people in the world. Thus, we meet the tribes living in a country on our voyages to sing, meditate and dance together with them. Today we meet the Akamba people. With 4.1 million people they make up eleven per cent of Kenyas inhabitants. Their area of settlement reaches from Nairobi to Tsavo. Not yet arrived in the village we realize that it is surrounded by a fence. Inside the fence the Akamba people live in small shacks which are built on the dusty soil. We are welcomed in a friendly way and with an open heart and we are led to a place where we can sit on chairs made of plastic. The Akamba people bring further chairs so that everyone of us can sit on a chair. They bring the best they have for us.

The programme starts with the welcoming by the chairman of the village followed by the welcoming by a member of the Light Awareness Academy. Trust, respect and mutual esteem can be clearly felt. The Akamba people feel that we did not come to do missionary work but that we came to support them in who they are. That we came to expand peace in Kenya. A member of the Light Awareness Academy presents the Philosophy of Light Awareness. The Akamba people listen with interest and it is obvious that they recognize the truth in it, that they recognize themselves in it.

Now the Akamba people sing a song and dance to this song. We join the dancing and singing so that it is a common dance. Dancing together shows that we are one.

The next point is a praising song by us.

In honour of the Kenyans we sing the song in mother tongue of the country, in Suaheli:

Sisi ni kitu kimoja, mimi wewe na ulimwengu – we are all one, me, you and Mother Earth.

The Akamba people are very touched by this praising song and feel even deeper connected with us.

After that we do a meditation to expand love and peace in the world. Finally we give presents to the Akamba people: Necklaces which are blessed by David Wared and a donation. The Akamba people feel the esteem and the appreciation in our acting.

I thank the Akamba people for this encountering in peace, truth, love, freedom and unity.

Verena Pins

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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