Living Maori Village in Ohinemutu, New Zealand/ November 16, 2019

A wonderful Maori encounter was given to us in Ohinemutu, on the shore of Lake Rotorua. There the Maori live in strong community ties with each other. The Ohinemutu are christianized and also invited us to their Anglican church. Inside the church the Maori culture and tradition was visible through artistic Maori carvings.

In short peace impulses we shared our experiences and insights on the path to peace: "We all have a longing for peace in the innermost part of our hearts. Peace is more than the complete renunciation of violence and weapons. Peace is eternally present. Peace is the complete acceptance of everything that was ever created. Peace creates community and solidarity.  Peace is the highest expression of human activity, which has as its most important goal the well-being and prosperity of all living beings".
Our subsequent meditation for peace reached and touched many Maori hearts. In a common exchange about peace with the pastor on duty, the present inhabitants of the village and the guests, a conversation developed, where we could also dive deeply into further topics like freedom, love and truth according to the Light Awareness Philosophy.

In the Marei, their traditional Maori meeting house, we continued the mutual exchange. Through the Hongi ritual, the greeting by touching the nose and forehead, we were welcomed into the family. Once again, we could feel that we are all one big world family. We are all ONE.

Happy and inspired we spent some time together afterwards at the meal that the villagers had lovingly prepared for us. Here we were able to set impulses for peace in personal conversations - also by sharing our own path of knowledge towards peace within us. Such moments are also an enrichment for us every time.
At the end we formed a circle where we thanked each other in devotion and admiration for the meeting of hearts and handed over blessed chains. In a common minute for peace, we extended it in unity across New Zealand to the whole world.
(This journey has been financed privately.)

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