International Understanding – Encounters beyond the cultures in Brazil/ March, 21st - April, 5th 2018

On the morning of the Good Friday we went by boat to the Tuyuka an indigenous people near Manaus. We had prepared the visit well because it was essential for us to create a common space for encounter.

We were ceremonially welcomed by the tribal chief, cleaned and introduced ritually in their communion. They played their sacred instruments and performed their traditional dances to which we were also invited. It was felt how much they want to beware their tradition and how few space the Colonialization and Christianization had left them for it. We were ceremonially welcomed, cleansed, and ritually introduced to the community by the tribal chieftain. They played their sacred instruments and performed their traditional dances to which we were also invited. It was felt how much they wanted to preserve their traditional culture and how little room colonization and Christianization had left them for it. We could clearly feel the part of our responsibility as Europeans.

We handed over the Tuyuka with esteem and appreciation our welcome presents.  We presented connecting elements with our Light Consciousness Philosophy, and David Wared, our teacher and master.

The encounter from person to person, from heart to heart, was felt and it arose a moving moment to sing together the mantra brought by us in Portuguese:


Eu sou você, você sou eu

Do fundo de nossas almas

Nós pertencemos à mae terra.


I am you, you are me

From the depths of our souls

We belong to mother earth.

We felt how esteem and appreciation got again space and inside and outside freedom expanded in our meditation for peace. Also the communion of the Tuyukas was touched from this completely different encounter. Afterwards they were interested and asked questions.

The tribal chief received highest appreciation, when David guided him to his brought along chair, let him take a seat on it and afterwards handed over our holy present, our benediction scarf.

It was noticeable that their community was aware of this special honor. This was the highlight of the mediation of the message: ”you and me are equal”, one consciousness, which was taken away hundreds of years from them. The restored connection from heart to heart touched our souls. After 3 hours we went back to the boat highly delighted.

The nearby people of Cipia were waiting for us in the afternoon. Her open and friendly nature we already felt when we were welcomed. Shortly after our arrival the chief realized that we had come not as tourists but as people who wanted to celebrate equality and peace with them. After their and our program the chief said thank you to us obviously very touched. Such a group that stood with its energy in present behind them, he had - so his words - never experienced before.

Presented richly inside and with many impressions we boarded our ship and set out on the way back. This encounter with indigenous peoples was very moving.

Peter Adler

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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