Earth and water protection on Phi Phi Island in Thailand/ 14 December 2019

Driving a boat through the island landscapes off the south coast of Thailand means crossing the paradise on earth, which is of breathtaking beauty and magic. The water that surrounds you here shimmers in the most wonderful colors and the diverse forms of the surrounding islands never cease to amaze and quiet admiration.

What natural beauties and wonders of nature Mother Earth has created for us, so that we can experience, discover and recognize that we are inhabitants of paradise, to whom all abundance is laid at her feet. At the latest when we landed with our group on one of the Paradise Islands, we were made aware that the paradise dweller human does not always behave like a paradise dweller.

The picturesque island of Phi Phi was widely covered by garbage of all kinds, in unbelievable masses, which was washed up from the sea by the tides. The amount of plastic garbage on this small island alone gave us an idea of how much of this garbage is floating in our oceans and how urgently we are all called upon to wake up and think, feel and act anew for the benefit of all creation on this unique planet. Based on the Light Awareness Philosophy according to David Wared, a fully responsible and sustainable action always includes the material/physical level as well as the immaterial/spiritual-soul level.

We first went to the "material" work and together we collected the rubbish on a wide stretch of beach. The amount of rubbish that was collected in a short time was enormous.

We reflected touched and deeply grateful to the infinite and unconditional love of Mother Earth, who, in addition to her natural beauty, gives us such an abundance of food every day, no matter what we give her back. In us, the wish and longing are so alive to bring her as much love as she has for us, and to thank her for her service by freeing and healing her water and earth from our garbage, and thus also to protect the flora and fauna sustainably.

In this sense we started the "immaterial" healing work for Mother Earth and meditated together to expand our inner peace and love and to make it a gift to her and to all others. When we went swimming afterwards, we did so in full awareness of the preciousness of water all over the world. Yes, we are so blessed to be guests on this planet. And out of this Blessed Being we are more and more a blessing ourselves to our great Mother, whom we call "Earth".

“Mother Earth has for every traveller a revelation.
At least one on every trip.”
David Wared

(This journey has been financed privately.)


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