Encountering gorillas in the mountain heights at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda / July 21st, 2021

We continually travel for the encounter and sustainable reunification of all people and fellow beings in the world.

Accompanied by rangers, we climbed in smaller groups up into the still originally forested mountain heights to meet the gorillas and bless them. The way there led us through the areas that have been clear-cut in the meantime by humans up to far above and used in different ways.

Oneness with all beings is the original nature of man. In this certainty we give all possible support to all fellow beings, so that unity can be recognized in people and thus a peaceful coexistence can be realized worldwide in a living way.

We connected with the gorillas about spirit and soul already on the way there. The rangers told us about the protection work with the gorillas and their individual family groups and their behavior. Uncertain about the place and time of an encounter, they announced observation opportunities from a distance.

Their reports were interrupted by the request to walk on very thoughtfully and not to talk anymore. We had arrived. With whispers and hand movements, they draw our attention to a group of gorillas that was about five meters away behind bushes, enjoying the fresh foliage. Two by two, we cautiously walked closer.

It took only a few minutes and we experienced spiritual, mental, and living closeness with a gorilla boy of about two years: He came up to us, completely secure in trust, and grabbed our legs and the tips of our blouses.

With "tricks" and playing in a puddle, he showed closeness in an ingenuous way, while his mother watched relaxed from the background. A blissful experience of oneness....

We stood in the mud, rejoiced with him, and blessed all the gorillas. Now it felt like a family gathering, a longed-for reunion of confidants who had never been apart.

The hearts of the rangers accompanying us were deeply touched.

Through this intimate encounter with the mountain gorilla family from the extended humanity, peace with fellow humans, animals and plants became tangible for all.

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