Connecting with primordial animals - White Rhinos on July 8th at Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe

All living beings, all existence and all creation originate from the one source, the clear and pure spiritual source. By experiencing, learning and recognizing, the human being, by remembering, develops an consciousness of the common origin. From this consciousness arises a new attitude towards animals and as well as an equal and dignified treatment of animals; an expanded humanity, which expresses itself in the sentence: "We are all ONE."

Expanded humanity describes that all existence, creation and living beings are spiritual at their origin. Issued from the spirituality of the first idea, descended into matter, materiality and form. Life strength, soul consciousness and spirit information from UR energy, UR consciousness and UR information are realized individually and provide basis for communication. Out of information and within consciousness man and animal communicate in the certainty of the one origin.

At Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe, in the middle of the savannah, we hike an encounter of a white rhino mother, her calf and us, healers from the light-conscious peace community and peace movement from Germany. In a meditative attitude and in the consciousness of expanded humanity we approach the attentive animals.

Intensive communication via eyes creates a tangible connection. Participation in the LIFE-force and -energy experienced together with the mother creates a LOVE-field experience. In the realization of memory, LIGHT of the spiritual source flows as UR-information, UR-consciousness and UR-energy between human and animal. Healing, liberation and realization happens in closeness and oneness and is complying the happening.

An experience of the beautiful on a original level.
A compassion of being beautiful in an original dimension.
A recognition of beautyness in an original sphere.

Being in connection connects me as an individual with the essence, my essence core. Essence out of UR essence, forgotten in the separateness from my originality, connects me as well with my own essence as with the essence of all living beings, creation and existence.

I allow myself to experience the original beautiful in the midst of Africa.
I allow myself to experience being beautiful in original connection with an animal encounter.
I allow myself to recognize my origin-beautyness in my look into the look of the spiritual living being.

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