Blessing and forgiveness for sandstone mining in Jodhpur, India/ November 17th, 2023

Sandstone from Jodhpur is famous in the region and throughout India. Many houses and forts, including the Maharaja's palace in Jodhpur, are built from this ruby-colored stone. It is mined in open-cast mines and on our peace journey in Jodhpur we drive past countless mines, some of which stretch as far as the horizon. Right from the start, we send forgiveness, healing and the eleven core values as spiritual compensation to Mother Earth for what has been extracted from her.

These mines offer many people work and thus a livelihood, but they also work there under the most basic conditions and have little health protection. We take a small group to one of these mines to honor the workers for their hard work to earn a living for their families. We impulse from the spirit the assumption of responsibility of all those involved and inspire their awareness for a future conscious usufruct of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth gives herself away from her infinite abundance and devotedly provides us humans with everything we need for our lives. However, we humans have long since abandoned the original balance and connection with Mother Earth and are exploiting our beloved home planet in many ways without realizing it. Despite legally prescribed compensatory measures, the OHR- Principle of our Mother Earth is being severely violated, because such interventions go deep into her structures. For example, deeper-lying rock masses are a protection against earthquakes and therefore also a protection for humans and animals. On every peace journey we ask Mother Earth, on behalf of all people, for forgiveness for the exploitation and injustice caused by us humans.

We humans can raise our awareness and, by practicing peace on a spiritual, mental and living level, reconnect and unite with Mother Earth. Out of our abundance and self-knowledge, we are all able to create the happy and even spiritual solution of a unified existence for all living beings. Earth-Eden 2.0 is realized by the recognized peace from us and the being-peace within us.

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