Audience at Gai Singh, the Maharaja of Jodphur, Rajasthan, India onNovember 15th, 2023

When we meet leading public personalities on our travels, it is to talk about sustainable change in society in the spirit of peace, freedom, love, truth and unity of all people and fellow beings and to provide impetus for joint peace acting.

Peace is the nature and thus the originality of man and of all beings. With this knowledge and certainty, we give the great world peace vision all imaginable support, so that peace in man is recognized and thus a peaceful coexistence is realized worldwide.

In Jodphur, the second biggest city in Rajasthan and seat of the state supreme court in northern India, we had the opportunity to speak to the Maharaja despite the celebration of the high festival of Diwali. Although he received his family members as head of the family, he made time for a meeting with the peace community from Germany. During a joint photo session, he was touched by the peace phrases recited by some members of the community.

In a subsequent dialogue with representatives of the German peace movement, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, the common attitude of respect and appreciation towards all religions became clear. Recognizing the equal value and equal worth of all people is also a concern of the Maharaja. The peace community shared this insight and added that this equality is to be extended to all living beings. For all living beings come from the one origin, the one source and are essential, which means that they have an essence, a core of spirit, soul and vitality within them.

In the meantime, the remaining 68 members of the peace community sent peace and healing energy to the Maharaja, his family, India and beyond into the whole world in a meditation in front of the palace.

The Maharaja was very touched by being honored as an Ambassador of Peace from Light Awareness for his decades of peace and reconciliation work in Jodphur and beyond throughout India. As a token of his appreciation for the attitude and work of the peace community, the Maharaja facilitated a meeting with the holy priest of the royal family in his temple, which was to take place the very next day.
The German peace movement said goodbye with the announcement that next year the Maharajah would receive the 'Freedom and Peace Award by David Wared', the most prestigious award in Light Awareness.

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