A day of heart-touching moments in Tsavo East National Park / Kenya 2018, June26th

Our day started with a healing trip in the Tsavo East National Park. We stayed in peace and let the morning peace, the morning dew, the untouched nature and the animals act on us. So our morning excursion went by itself to a meditative drive through the national park, which is as big as Israel. We were greeted by a huge buffalo herd, which crossed the road in front of our SUV, in complete peace. Even the zebras and elephants, which we were allowed to observe up close on this peaceful and peaceful morning, were in perfect peace and radiated pure peace, love and unity. The elephants consciously and deliberately chose all their steps, each stepping along the path almost in slow motion and at their own pace. This reminded us of a kind of meditation we have learned from our master and teacher: walking meditation. We sent them, like every other animal we saw on our journey, our eleven fundamental values, the UR information, the UR consciousness, the UR energy and blessed them.

Another highlight of the day for me was the farewell of the Ashnil Aruba Lodge, where we stayed for two days. We thanked them for their warm and open nature, honored them and sang our praises on Swahili with them. They said goodbye to us with a beautiful song in their mother tongue and a dance. We felt that we could open the door to their hearts for them and that our actions had had an effect on them.

Our group had another very nice encounter with a banana seller whom we met at a roadside on the way to our next lodge. She had radiant eyes and an open and honest face. This was also confirmed when she tried to make us understand, despite the language barrier, that we had given her too much money for the bananas. Her openness and joyful face immediately made it clear that she was moving from car to car and selling her bananas with all her heart and passion.

Arrived at Sarova Saltlick Lodge we set off for a blessing trip to the Taita Hills Game Reserve. Our driver Patrick, who accompanied us through all the national parks and is a particularly attentive driver, saw a lioness lying on a rock on the horizon. We approached her slowly with the all-terrain vehicle. She remained in complete silence and rolled back and forth on the rock warmed by the sun. We stood up from our seats and began to send her energy and bless her. Each one of us connected with her from heart to heart and sensed if she needed energetic support and if she was all right.

Because our driver announced his discovery by radio, more and more vehicles came to the place where the lioness was resting, but this did not deter her. When she opened her eyes she made eye contact with our group and followed us with her eyes as we made our way back. It was obvious that she perceived the energy we sent her and realized that we are not tourists, but animal healers and animal protectors who work for the physical, mental and spiritual health of the animals.

On the way back to the lodge we discovered some more zebras and giraffes, which spent the sunset together and grazed. Also here it was to be recognized that in nature, everything has its own order, harmony and rhythm. Because the giraffes have a very good overview of their surroundings due to their long neck and size, the zebras can eat in peace without being attacked by a leopard, cheetah or lion.

The day came to a worthy conclusion with dinner together, with a view of a waterhole underneath the lodge's restaurant and the animals present, such as impalas, gazelles and many different bird species.

For me, this day was one of the most impressive and experienced days of the whole trip. Once again I became aware of how essential it is to go into the world and heal the animals. The animals are a part of us. If the animals are sick, so are we. It is very nice to feel and to see that the energy and the associated healing arrives and is perceived by the animals. I am very grateful for these unique heart-opening and enriching moments.

Annika Hildebrandt

This journey has been financed privately.

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