Youth actively for peace - Commitment to the City of Peace in Palomino, Sierra Nevada, Colombia/ Summer 2019

In Colombia this year, together with our Colombian friends: Family Duarte and their team as well as the Kogis, we were allowed to lay the foundation stones for the City of Peace Colombia. In the name of Light Love Life Healing Strength and Blessing we have given blessed crystal hearts to Mother Earth. On this place in Palomino the first house of the City of Peace is now standing.

We have blessed and planted trees there, which give us their beauty, oxygen and peace.
In minutes of peace we have spread our peace all over the world.
For us it was a very special event that we all together made this place a holy place.

It touched us very much that we can strongly feel our connection with each other and that we feel that we are a world community.
We have connected ourselves with the vision that in this holy place people will find their peace again and they will live this peace with all beings.

Worldwide peace NOW!
Our vision of the City of Peace is manifest and now we are taking the steps together to realize that vision.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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