Worldwide Peace NOW – Presentation of our vision of worldwide peace - in Dubai / March 2nd to 4th, 2019

With the message of Worldwide Peace NOW! and the presentation of our vision of peace in the world, we participate in the 8th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai from March 2 - 4, 2019.

We thank Anthony Ritossa, organizer of this Summit, for his dedicated support for peace in the world. He enables us to start both days of the congress with a minute of peace. People are filled with a special, common energy of peace.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, has declared 2019 the Year of Tolerance. Peace is the basis for tolerance. Peace is the basis for all relationships, even in business. To create a deepening of peace in the Year of Tolerance is dignity and honor for us. In various conversations we learn that an engagement with the annual motto is lived and received with interest in the United Arab Emirates.

The 8th Global Family Office Investment Summit brings together many VIPs from UAE and other countries. With a congress stand, a 5-minute presentation in the lecture hall, daily peace minutes at the beginning of the summit, two interviews and face-to-face contacts with the participants of the summit, there are a lot of intensive conversations about peace. Our invitation to everyone is: "Be part of this peace vision with your peace, as a visionary, supporter, networker, multiplier or philanthropist".

We receive recognition, appreciation, approval and support for our WORLD TOUR for PEACE, which starts in 2020. We say THANK YOU in the name of peace. Beginning in 2020, 100 peaceful people will unselfishly travel for 2 years to 100 countries across all continents and organize 100 peace congresses there. By doing so we’ll expand the awareness for peace.

On both days we open the conference with a minute of awareness for peace. This beginning brings a common energy of peace into the room, which is noticeable for many participants. Time and again we are mentioned about the deep peace of these minutes. The strength of peace can be experienced and discovered in the common inner orientation towards peace.

Many people often approach us to ask how they can help and support us. We are very happy about these appreciative offers and so some relationships are already deepened and concretized. We say THANK YOU for every form of peace support.

We are one big world family. We are all one.

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