Visit to an elephant park in Bali, Indonesia / 03 April 2017

Early in the morning, a small group went on a day trip. This excursion was for the purpose of an encounter between humans and animals. We visited an elephant park.

It was late afternoon when we reached the elephant park. Our intention was not to ride the elephants, but to meet them in loving care, to bless them and to provide them with healing.

The keepers seemed to feel our concerns because they allowed this closeness between us and the animals. We were suddenly standing in the midst of these graceful, powerful animals, without a fence, leg to leg, body to body with the elephants, and simply let things happen.


There was a connection of absolute trust, respect and appreciation between us and the elephants. Empathic touches occurred unintentionally. We all felt this deep bond. Tears of bliss flowed with the drops of the monsoon rain.


This experience was very intimate, sensual and intuitive. It was a nonverbal meeting, at the level of the heart.

Monique J.K.

(This journey has been privately financed by the participants.)

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