Visit to a school in in the middle of the rainforest in Brazil, March 21st – April 5th, 2018

A further experience took place when we visited a school on the banks of the Rio Negro.

The trip with speed boats lasted half an hour. There the pupils in the age between four and fourteen, waited for us. A little hesitantly, the group went to the square behind the school building. There were pupils and adults who were making final preparations, they put chairs and looked at us nosily. The headmaster’s words and a dance performance by the older children introduced the come together.


Meanwhile, we mixed together and first contacts began to socialize. After our presentation when we handing over some presents it could be noticed the joy, which was especially present in the eyes of the children. We sang our Portuguese Mantra and with a guided imagery journey we proceed to the topic “water”, which is currently being worked on at the school. So, together with the children we followed the path of a drop of water.

Blessed crystal hearts to the teacher as well as for the eldest girl and the youngest boy and the presentation of David’s benediction scarf to the headmaster rounded the “official” part.

While playing together and trying out the brought along presents we encountered each other a further time intensive. Deep contacts from eye to eye, long hugs and painted pictures, which the children gave us, were an expression of this intense encounter.


Of course we had a look also in their classrooms, which are in size and equipment widely apart from rooms in our expectations.  Teaching and guiding the children under these conditions is a very great challenge for the teachers. The calm and loving treatment of the adults with the children was remarkable. Glowing eyes and waving hands bade us goodbye and stay in our hearts.


Peter Adler

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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