UNO General Assembly in New York, USA / September 2019

The United Nations (193 states) meet in New York for the annual General Assembly, which lasts several days. One of the aims of the UN is to maintain world peace.
The whole city is full of people. UN delegates and high-ranking politicians, media, security forces, on every corner we meet people who work in and with the UN on global political issues.
We are in New York for various talks to support our vision of worldwide peace.

„Each highly developed society
should stand on these five columns:
freedom, peace, truth, love and unity.”
David Wared

Two peace meditations to join in the Oculus.

In New York, right next to the site of the 9/11 attacks, stands the Oculus, a building like a great dove of peace. What a symbol.
This place seems suitable to us for two peace meditations. We sit down in the middle of the big staircase and meditate. Everyone is invited to join us.

"Peace in me, 
Peace in you,
Peace in the world.
Peace out of me,
Peace out of you,
Peace for the world."

David Wared

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