True encounter in peace fullness with the Batwa tribe on July 24th, 2021 in Kisoro District / Uganda

Peace quenches every thirst.
Peace satisfies every hunger.
Peace satisfies every human being.
Peace blesses every being.
David Wared

On our peace journeys, we forlive peace and proactively engage in heart-to-heart encounters with the original and indigenous inhabitants. We invited the Batwa, a tribe of Pygmies, to a Peace meal in their village. They are living at the foot of a volcanic region in what is now the border area with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For thousands of years they lived in harmony with the mountain gorillas beyond all man-made boundaries. Everything they needed to live, the rainforest gave to all in abundance, like tree fruits, wild honey and the fruits of their fields.

In the meantime, these indigenous people live without their own territory, without soil, without a home of their own. Entire families, already since childhood, are now working as day laborers in the volcanic quarry.

With our visit we gave them our honor, love and appreciation out of deep connection. Original trust gives every being on Mother Earth a home in spiritual, mental and living peace fullness, and this is absolutely unconditional. Our invitation to the Peace Lunch made them feel this.

Our deepest longing for the Batwa at the foot of the Gahinga volcano is, that they may once again live as originally connected as they once were with all living beings and Mother Earth. This is what we talk about, this is how we act as a living peace community in the whole world.

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