The Zambezi River - borderless between Zimbabwe and Zambia on July 15th, 2021

Our essential encounters with the Zambezi River, which people have named as the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, has made us feel, sense and recognize this truth in many dimensions and in a very practical way:

Water is connection.

Water is connection - on the water

On our water healing journey of the peace community

flowing from me to you, giving birth, giving life, giving strength and joy

Water is connection - under water   

ON-diving into the depth of the Victoria Falls,

ON-willing, giving over, merging, giving shelter

Water is connection - above the water

Flying over the Zambezi River

Healing and sanctifying, dissolving man-made boundaries, connecting peoples and people, giving love, reminding original confidence and Oneness

Water is connection - in water

At the peace meal in the Zambezi riverbed

Water is blessing, peaceful, nourishing, refreshing and nursing


Water is Original connection.

We are Original UR connection.

Let you, as well, be reconnected.

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