Visit of the orphanage and childrens home Ky Quang, Ho-Chi-Min-City, Vietnam /December 1st, 2019

Venerable Thien Chieu, the Chief abbot monk at Ky Quang in Vietnam welcomed the German peace community warmly with two babies on his arms. He forelives his attitude that every human deserves love and compassion. When we visit public institutions on our travels, it is to talk about equal worth and equal value of all beings. We get into contact and connection and forelive that we are all one.
Every person comes to earth with all his talents and potential. The task of his life-companions is to support him lovingly in his development so that he can bring his true being into expression and the values inside into realization.

Since 1994, the pagoda Ky Quang in Ho-Chi-Min-City has been hosting up to 200 children aged 0 to 19 years of which most are abandoned by their families. Many have severe disabilities, in most cases still caused by the Vietnam War.

In a subsequent discussion with Thien Chieu, the Chief monk of the pagoda and the orphanage, which took place in a cordial atmosphere, the common attitude of respect and appreciation towards all people became clear. The peace community added that this equality is to be extended to all living beings. For all living beings come from the one origin, the one source and are essential. That means that they have an essence, a core of spirit, soul and vitality within them.

The loving attention of the members of the peace community to the children brought about a time of peace and quiet, which had a noticeable effect on the children. Each child was blessed for his life's journey

The group bid a warm farewell to Thien Chieu. They honored and paid tribute to him and his work with a gift of money and the jointly spoken blessing of Light Awareness: Light, love, life, healing, strength and blessing for Thien Chieu, all the volunteers and full-time staff working there and for each individual child and their families.

With the greeting and the shared conviction: “Peace begins in me”, Thien Chieu bids farewell to the German peace community. He immediately turns to his children, who are happily awaiting him.

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