Shaman ceremonies at Lake Titicaca on April 24, 2022 and Moon Valley in La Paz on April 25, 2022, Bolivia

German healer and shaman teacher David Wared and Bolivian shamans Agapito Chipana Ramos, Isidro Calizaya Mamani and Ramón Mamani Mendoza met on April 24, 2022 on Sun Island, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia for elemental healing.

A healing ceremony was performed with the elements of water, earth, fire, air, as well as with plants, animals, humans and the continents.

David Wared elevated the Bolivian healers through his blessing and brought them into their strength. The shamanic girl will mature into the future healer through the blessing.
This kind of shamanic healing by German healers and Bolivian shamans has been initiated for the first time for the protection of Mother Earth and for the protection of the spirit.

A single shaman was also expanded and uplifted a day later in Moon Valley, La Paz. Through David Wared's blessing, he too experienced an elevation of consciousness. Success and abundance can set in. He was initiated into the next spheres, dimensions and levels.

We, as the German Peace Community, have the vision that all indigenous peoples, healers and shamans of South America and the whole world meet again and again for healing work and world healing and connect the original, spiritual energies of Mother Earth together as one family.
On our World Healing Tour 2022 we have also taken this opportunity in Bolivia with our direct healing ministries.
We long for a world in peace, freedom, truth, love and unity and realize our longing through our healing actions during our world healing journeys.


"Healing thinking heals all those who think.
Healing feeling heals all those who feel.
Healing acting heals all those who act."
David Wared

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