Tree planting on April 17, 2022 in the Kogi village of Kuishimake/ Colombia

On our peace and healing journeys, part of our serving is planting a tree. A tree symbolizes spiritual protection, spiritual shelter and lively expression. Trees are connected worldwide and they unconditionally serve peace and for the raising of consciousness in the world via the levels of spirit, soul and body.

The planted trees are blessed by us together in the name of light, love, life, salvation, strength and blessing. We honor, sanctify and pay homage to them. By blessing the trees and planting them into Mother Earth, we create a steady space and place for the expansion of light awareness. In doing so, we bring about a worldwide energy network that serves the pacification of all living beings.

For the planting in Kuishimake we brought along three plants. We warmly fulfilled Mama Gabriel's wish to bring two cacti, which represent via their needles a connecting link to unity. After being led to a sacred gathering place for the women, we began planting the cacti. The Mamo and leader of the village, Juan-Maria as well as members of the community joined the planting. We put some salt and three blessed crystal hearts into the soil before planting. We blessed each plant individually and provided them with water. The Kogi were visibly interested, sensed the high energy and appreciative our spiritual serving. The third tree, a Guanabana fruit tree, was given a special place at the main gathering place within the village.

We felt that the bond between our community and the Kogi community, was strengthened by the tree plantings. The Kogi honored how noble and respectful our light community deals with Mother Earth. They felt our appreciation and love for all living beings. We thanked all the Mamos and the Kogi community for the bonding experience of planting together in these sacred places. After the planting, Juan-Maria, the community leader confirmed that the tree planting strengthens part of our common path with the Kogi. The encounter ensured that both communities could meet on an equal level. Our tree plantings in light awareness are an essential part of international understanding and the unification of peoples worldwide.

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