Peace visit to the Kayan people in Pan Pet, Myanmar, December 5th, 2019

With the political opening of Myanmar a few years ago, we were able to visit the Kayan tribe in the Inle Lake region for a peace meeting. We did not come as tourists, but to reconnect our hearts.

Fascinated by the mystique of this country's grandiose, enchanting landscape, we arrived in the remote village of Pan Pet in eastern Myanmar.

The village consists of a few houses, a church, a small village store and a kindergarten. The Kayan women invited us into their homes. Lovingly prepared food was waiting for us.

The distinguishing mark of this people are the heavy brass rings that Kayan women wear around their necks day and night. The jewelry consists of two long brass spirals that are wound tightly around the neck. The weight pushes the shoulders down, making the neck appear visually longer. For the women, this jewelry is a part of them.

In the church we met the priest - who was very open to us and immediately agreed to celebrate a common minute of peace in his church. For this special minute, he lit all the candles in this sacred space.

The center of the village is the large hall on the grounds of the kindergarten. It felt like one big world family as we gathered there with all the women and children to sing together for peace. We honored them in their originality, and we expressed our appreciation in our spiritual and material gifts, which we presented to them with great affection and devotion.

We also gave them 3 sacred trees, which we then planted together in a ceremony on the grounds.

The young generation of Kayan women is undergoing a change, as they are no longer willing to wear the heavy jewelry. For us it is a special honor to connect especially this generation with origin-information, -consciousness and -energy.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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