Peace visit to Sawarak, Malaysia on Borneo, 2020, February 19th

On our peace journey through Southeast Asia we visited the village school "Sekolah Kebangsaan Salak" in Sawarak near Kuching. The announcement of the school visit on behalf of the German peace movement had never reached the school and so the principal of the school made it clear that it was not possible to visit the school and present gifts without permission from the government. While the adults were still trying to find solutions, the children immediately trusted us and approached us openly and with interest.A cordial contact quickly developed, which also moved the principal.  She finally gave permission to the pupils, who had already officially finished their lessons, to meet with our peace group outside the school.For this peaceful and happy solution for all, we thanked the principal of the school from the bottom of our hearts.

Trustingly, we followed the approximately 50 children through the village, who led us to the village square in front of the small mosque. Some adults with their small children in their arms joined us with interest.
For all the children we had a gift bag with cuddly toy and school materials, blessed with peace information, peace consciousness and peace energy. We explained to the children that this cuddly toy will always remind them to be peaceful with themselves and all beings. The children's already bright eyes shone with happiness. On behalf of all the pupils, we honored the pupils' representatives with a blessed heart necklace. The heart serves as a reminder to the pupils of connection, protection and blessing.

One of the deeper senses on our journeys is to encourage and challenge people, especially children. They have the chance to realize their potential and find their unique expression as well as live it peacefully. Five-year-old Aman immediately embraced this impulse by standing in front of his 50 classmates and beginning to sing at the top of his lungs. The boy radiated such power that all the children immediately joined in and loud children's voices permeated the entire village for several minutes. Aman's expression touched our hearts deeply. The joy, enthusiasm and openness of the children visibly and tangibly moved the adults. Happy, delighted and overjoyed, all those present applauded. To strengthen his path, we honored the five-year-old with a blessed heart. His expression and power to lead people became very clear - a significant moment in the life of the five-year-old.

Gratefully, many children said goodbye in person. The deep soul encounters that took place during this visit remind us of the interconnectedness of all beings across all borders.

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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