Peace trip to Cyprus / January 23rd to February 2nd, 2019

In order to realize our great vision of worldwide peace, we have been travelling to Cyprus since 2013, following our vision of Cyprus as the first island of peace in the world. This essentially means the reunification of the island and the development of a city of peace. Here we work together with Gregoria Philippou, who from the bottom of her heart has already established her hotel as a place of peace. More and more people are joining forces on the spot for the realization of peace in Cyprus.

For the further expansion and networking we invite together with Gregoria to our Peace Dinner, in which the Mayor of Polis Chrysochous Mr. Yiotis Papachristofe and other honorable people of the island both from Northern Cyprus and from the South participate with great interest. From all sides our peace movement is met with great joy and interest and so the evening becomes a very lively, intercultural and artistic evening.

It is filled with our lectures on peace, peace meditations, food blessings and prayers in three languages. We hand over blessed peace scarves with the embroidery of the five eternal values peace, freedom, love, truth and unity as honor and expression of our appreciation. Gregoria vividly presents the vision of the first city of peace in Cyprus. A very successful evening of international understanding in peace and peace celebrated together from heart to heart.

We make many important contacts, which are mediated by Angela Hatziloizou, among others. Our heartfelt thanks go to her. Through her support at the Peace Dinner and our further peace work she contributes to the fact that peace can find a home again in Cyprus. Essential contacts are two gentlemen from the north, Mustafa Sah and Ibrahim Toprakci, who made us e.g. the direct contact to the President of Northern Cyprus.

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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