Peace talks with the Maori in Pukehoe, New Zealand/ November 14, 2019

As part of a pre-tour for the World Tour for Peace we visited the Maori Taniwha Venture Community in Pukehoe, New Zealand. After a previous contact we were expected eagerly. Our World Tour for Peace community was their first contact with people from Germany. It was our intention to talk together with you about peace and unity between all living beings, to exchange peace impulses and to discuss perspectives for a true, peaceful coexistence; as well as to express our appreciation and admiration for the Maori. The relationship between the former European immigrant population of New Zealand and the Maori is still marked by mutual incomprehension and straining emotions. For example, until a few decades ago, the indigenous people were not allowed to live their culture and speak their own language.

The admission of our group into the Maori community was done according to the exact rules of the Maori welcome ceremony.  A ritual dance with singing was to give us an understanding of their self-image and the tribe's ability to defend themselves. Afterwards a woman called us in with a song and asked us to express the peaceful intentions of our visit. Already the first light-aware words of our speaker about our vision of worldwide, original peace released the initial tension among the Maori. Our appreciation and recognition of their culture and our close connection to nature, which they share with us, touched them visibly. Quickly their ritual combative attitude changed into openness and connection

With an old welcome ritual, the Hongi, all community members welcomed each one of us for one breath with the traditional nose and forehead touch. The initial separating distance dissolved completely and was transformed into warmth and a feeling of unity. specially the content of our talk about the eternal valid values and the message of peace, which begins within each individual, touched them deeply. They were intimately involved in our praise chantings. With astonishment many heard the German language for the first time. During a meal together we had conversations with the parishioners and there was a lively exchange about the Light Awareness Philosophy according to David Wared and deep encounters took place. 


The Maori accompanied us to a special place of power of their faith. There, after a joint meditation, we read peace impulse lectures about the connection between forgiveness, inner peace and outer peace. We exchanged symbolic gifts, as a sign of gratitude, solidarity and peaceableness and visibly touched we said goodbye to each other.
The visit of our light community in the Taniwha Venture Community was once again an experience of mutual deep touch through the recognition of the originality of inner peace within us.
(This journey has been privately financed).

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