Peace meditation in Kwale, Kenya, at the mouth of the Congo River in the Indian Ocean/ June 27th, 2018

When we travel, then to sustainable change in the sense of peace, freedom, love, truth and unity of all human beings and beings on earth.

We meditate with people for peace in the places where people meet. At the mouth of the Congo in the Kwale region of Kenya, about 150 women, children and men gathered near their village to participate in a joint meditation for peace. In many encounters on the beach, at the mosque, and during a visit to a nearby village, people asked for our understanding of world peace.

Peace is the nature and thus the originality of man and of all beings. With this knowledge and certainty, we give the great world peace vision all imaginable support, so that peace in man is recognized and thus a peaceful coexistence is realized worldwide.

In a shared lively and loving Peacewalk we walked along the beach to the meeting point. The locals supported us energetically and without any reservations when transporting two wheelchairs over the sandy beach.

Arrived at the meeting point we consciously connected with each other. In our community we sat together with women, children and men on the sandbank between the river and the Indian Ocean, the fresh water and the salt water. A very special place.
A song of praise in Swahili, with which we had already experienced on previous days and recognized that the people of Kenya, after their amazement that what the Europeans expressed in their native language, was understandable for them and inspired them to sing along, cheered the whole group the subsequent meditation. Joy expressed itself through playful variations in the singing together and led to great cheerfulness.

On the subject of individual peace and the possibility of encountering, experiencing and knowledging it, meditation led us to global peace and expanded humanity, peace with fellow human beings, animals and plants. We felt that we touched people's hearts. Then the sun that came out touched all of us and shone.

Hans-Jürgen Wöber

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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