Peace Meal with the Guardians of the Earth on April 17th in Sezhua / Sierra Nevada di Santa Marta, Colombia

When we eat together, it is much more than sharing food. To eat food blessed with the Blessing of Peace is to take in Heaven. Each of our cells is nourished with original information, original consciousness and original energy of peace. Thus, through the peace food, each cell is impulsed in its core and reconnected with the origin. This happens on a communicative cellular level through energy exchange. Thus, on an individual level, in addition to physical nourishment, each participant in a Peace Meal is enriched and nourished with the eternal and original nourishment out of fullness and abundance.

Each single Peace Meal participant is flooded with peace information, peace consciousness and peace energy and experiences an elevation of consciousness into peace. On a global level, a Peace Meal connects all participants with each other out of peace. A higher peace vibration goes from them as a peace frequency into the world. Spirit-soul-life-units open for it receive this frequency as peace impulse and have the chance and possibility to internalize peace in themselves and to spiritualize into being at peace. At the same time, the peace vibration expands further, beyond all universes, into the cosmos. Here all peace vibrations find back to the home of the eternally extended peace in the spirituality of all being. Infinitely connected are beings, being and primordial being.

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