PEACE MEAL – Brothers dinner together in Colombia/ April 27th, 2018

From of all communities we had visited, we invited Kogis to the PEACE DINNER – our PEACE MEAL in the garden of our finca. 18 Kogis from five different communities have come. At about 5 o’clock p.m. they arrived one after another. For welcoming we had prepared drinks and snacks. After a short welcoming meditation we went to the beach together. Here a big fire was blazing and in a semicircle around the fire there were seatings out of palm wood for all. Quietly sitting in common with the big fire in our middle – it was a touching meditation.

Afterwards our peace meal began. David’s speech to the Kogis touched them very much -their muttering as demonstration of approval showed a strong participation. Julia’s impetus speech about peace from the point of view of the Light Awareness Philosophy followed. Afterwards Dirk guided in a peace meditation. Before eating, in this context the official invitation for coming to Germany to the congress of peace in Hamburg from 21st – 23rd September, 2018 was given once more to the five Kogis of Wanamake.

Never before Europeans have respected, supported and honored the Kogis in such a way.

The Kogis‘ spirit who was forbidden, converted, prevented and blocked, now is released again by the little brother. Here balance and justice come into being. The little brother will recognize that he can make amends to the Kogis. Forgiveness can happen in this way. Only in this way reunification of the human beings can take place. We look into the mutual originality and revitalize it. That’s the beginning of resurrection of mankind.


This kind of honor and dignity has never been granted before to the Kogis in the way we did. The “little” and the “big” brother – this must come to an end! We may say: The one brothers and the other brothers.

To re-unify the human beings was decisive and pointing the way. We do it in our manner.  After a wonderful evening we said goodbye and some Kogi-Mamas even looked in our eyes and embraced us. We are looking forward to our meeting in Hamburg!!!

This was the most exciting start of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE.

Beate Knopp

(This journey has been financed privately.)


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