Peace meditations and long-distance sendings for the country of Myanmar and the people living there

For years, we have been deeply connected with the country of Myanmar and the people living there and maintain close contacts there. Currently, we are supporting the democratic process in Myanmar.
We are deeply touched by the tireless power and strength of the democracy movement there and full of admiration for the people who are working in solidarity and cohesion for peace in their home country. The longing of the people in Myanmar for peace and freedom, for their origin, is so very visible and tangible.
As a peace community we send peace every day to the country and to all the people of Myanmar, so that it can spread, express and come alive in Myanmar. In daily peace meditations and long distance sendings we give peace into the spirit, soul and hearts of the people out of the ONE peace.

Kayan Community
An intimate and warm bond has existed between the Kayan community in Pan Pet, Myanmar, and us since we visited them in December 2019 as part of our peace journey through Southeast Asia. We gave our appreciation and esteem to the "Kayan Ladies" combined with a day of abundance and satiety on all three levels - physical, mental and spiritual. We invited them to share a peace meal, meditated, danced, sang and laughed with them. Our heart's desire was to touch them in such a way that they remembered their origin. In originality, all people and beings are equal and united.

Daily we include them in our meditations to impulse their spirit and harmonize and inspire their souls to continue to live in peace in the ONE true peace that all people long for.

Exchange with the government
In March 2020, we held an intensive exchange on peace efforts with Myanmar government representatives in Yangon on behalf of the de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi. These were very fruitful discussions about the peace work of the NRPC (National Bureau for Reconciliation and Peace) in Myanmar, which was newly established in 2015, as well as about the fields of work of our peace movement in Germany and our experiences. Characterized by appreciation and respect, we learn from each other. Full of trust, confidence and certainty, we stand together for peace in Myanmar.

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26.08.2021 | Moly

Special thanks to everyone to those who always remember us(PanPet community ) in your peace meditations