Peace Encounter in Rotorua, New Zealand/ November 16, 2019

Early in the morning our next trip started to the Te Puia Maori at the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Resort. There they still live connected to nature and the elements. They have made it their aim to share this connection with people from all over the world.

After a warm welcome the Maori gave us insights into the traditions of their culture, which was also a valuable exchange and enrichment for us. Afterwards we sang a common praise chanting in which everyone felt the connection to each other as well as joy and easygoing. Through short impulse speeches we gave insight into Peace according to the Light Awareness Philosophy. The vision of peace, which begins in us, expands and can be lived again in the whole world, touched some of the Maori visibly.
"Peace cannot be found in the outside. Peace is here when you feel it within you and realize it in life. This realization allows you to become an expander of light yourself. Here begins the step to expand your own inner perceived peace.  In this way you touch every fellow creature, whether tree, plant, animal or human, with the ONE PEACE. They all feel Peace, because everything is connected and ONE."

In a circle we extended peace into the world from our connection with each other in a common minute for peace- Peace was deeply felt by all of us.

At the Pohutu Geyser we meditated on the protection of earth and water. During our meditation the geyser erupted powerfully and let us feel the 4 elements water, earth, fire and air clearly.

This visit was very touching for us, as we could clearly feel the connection of the Maori to nature and we deepened and broadened in mutual exchange. And also, to feel the elements of nature so pure and powerful is special and makes us feel our gratitude towards all life in a deep way.
(This journey has been financed privately.)

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