Peace Dinner in Waiuku, New Zealand/ November 17, 2019

Essential components of our worldwide peace serving are Peace Dinners, which we organize on each of our worldwide journeys. We invite the peoples of the respective countries to our Peace Dinners in order to honor them and to dine, sing, dance and exchange views on the vision of worldwide peace together with us in peace.

We had invited Maori and other New Zealand friends to the Peace Dinner. We had met them all on our peace journey and they supported us and touched our hearts. What a great joy it was to see them again. The beautifully decorated hall, the lovingly laid tables and our white clothes showed the appreciation we had for our friends.

When the Maori arrived, we greeted each other lovingly with the Maori welcome ritual, the Hongi. Hongi means that the nose and forehead of the two greeting people touch each other. It is called "Kia Ora" which means "I trust you". Deep and touching encounters took place, especially in the inscription of the notes: "Peace starts in me", through which we witness the message of peace to the world.

The common meal and the deepening exchange united us even more deeply, as well as the impulse lectures on peace. We were especially touched by the common song, which the members of two different Maori tribes sang together in solidarity. They also held a speech in which they shared their culture with us and gave us an authentic insight into their situation.

Highest esteem, appreciation and elevation The Maori experienced highest appreciation, appreciation and elevation by the speech of David Wared, the founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy. David Wareds speech to the Maori

It was a joy for us when we spontaneously rapped our song of praise together, which we had sung together at the beginning, and thus extended peace in lightness and liveliness.   After the Peace Dinner, we also expressed the joy of being reunited in our dancing together.
(This journey has been financed privately.)

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