Peace Dinner – People celebrate and dine together in Ukunda/ Kenya, June23rd, 2018

On our peace journey to Kenya, we met near Mombasa people of nature tribes, religious communities, teachers and children in kindergartens and the surrounding villages. We exchanged views on peace and how it can be realized in the world. Appreciative and respectful conversations, meditations and connections with so many peaceful people have filled our hearts.

Traditionally, on each of our journeys, we invite people to a festive meal to encounter beyond cultures, religions and nationalities, The Peace Dinner!

At 5 pm we welcomed our guests under the huge, old baobab tree of our hotel with a delicious fruit cocktail. We meditated together for peace in the world. The Maasai elders, the Digo and their wives, as well as the imams from the Kongo-mosque and Gilbert, who had helped us so unconventionally at the airport, were honored with holy scarfs and heart crystal necklaces blessed by David Wared. For many decades and centuries, the original African way of life was suppressed, disregarded or forbidden. We express our dedication and appreciation to all Africans unconditionally. Thus, the consciousness of their inner fullness and greatness can come to life again.

Deeply moved, we walked together after the ceremony together to the festively decorated hall. Moshin from the mosque, who was also our translator to Swahili, personally thanked us for the touching, widening and heart deepening conversations with us.

Hans-Jürgen and Birgit spoke words on individual and global peace, Urs on the expanded humanity of light consciousness and Monika on the oneness, the realization of unity here on earth.

At the colorful tables there was a lively exchange about peace. After the delicious meal the dance floor was released for a happy togetherness. Some practiced under loving guidance Massai dances, as we were allowed to get to know them in the afternoon.

If we openly approach each other, we see that our ideas of identities and boundaries are only constructed. I feel:
Our hearts are always connected! - We are all one!
Africa and Europe are one.
You and I are one.

Monika Koppe-Rulands

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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