Payback - blessed crystals for Mother Earth / Norway - July 20th 2018

As a sign of our gratitude and appreciation to Mother Earth, we return blessed crystals to her soil. For many millennia, we have been using the natural resources of our earth for free. Now we are giving back a little bit to restore the original balance. Norway is one of the natural beauties of the world and carries most of its natural resources like clean drinking water. The untouched nature and its mostly intact ecosystem touch our hearts and reconnect us with our common origin.

Together with my 5-year-old daughter I travel through Norway. On this day we are drawn to the Veringfossen waterfalls at Eidigfjord in the southern part of Norway. Enlivened by the power of the falling waterfalls, we follow our hearts to feel Mother Earth with all her devotion and beauty. With respect and esteem we walk downstream towards the waterfall. The purifying, invigorating and eternal force of the water and Mother Earth is clearly perceptible. We quickly decide that we have found the right place for our crystals.

With three blessed crystals we return to this holy place to give Mother Earth her treasures back. Despite the many rocks, a crevice with loose topsoil shows up, which we carefully open. We lay a rock crystal, a rose quartz and an amethyst into the soft earth. The rock crystal carries the clarity of the spirit in itself and expands original information. The rose quartz connects all beings by the power of the heart and creates original awareness in every living being. The Amethyst serves the constant purification and refinement of all life processes and thereby gives the eternal drive by the original energy.

In a meditation we give Origin-Information, Origin- Awareness and Origin- Energy with the crystals into the earth, so that Peace and Love, Freedom and Truth expand and Unity fulfils.

The water now carries this blessing downstream into the entire country and pervades all life to the healing and awareness of all living beings. Later, when we find our camp for the night at a campsite right on the river coming from the waterfall, my daughter notices that all her good wishes now flow through this water and expand and deepen all living beings. What a blessing for the world that our children may already encounter, experience and get to knowledge this.

Anna Bardowicks

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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