In deep connection with the Balancing Rocks in Epworth-Harare/ Zimbawe on July 6th 2021

Harare, the first destination of our peace journey in Zimbabwe, we experienced in a variety of ways. This included immersion in a rock formation that was used for sacred rituals and ceremonies thousands of years ago - the Balancing Rocks near the capital city of Harare.

One of the large rocks was in turn founded on another, in which cavities made visible the traces of ancient times. We perceived the energy of the stones during a deep meditation and went into connection with this sacred place and the prehistoric ancestors.An indescribable feeling of being close to this rock and to Mother Earth flowed through us.  Energized, we further strengthened this original connection and sent healing and protection for the preservation of this natural beauty.

In joy we sat together afterwards and tasted from the fruit of a nearby tree, Damba. However, still unripe, it was decidedly bitter and gave some of us a déjà vu with it afterwards and all of us spontaneous bus stops on the way back.

The intense encounter with the Balancing Rocks touched us on a spiritual, soul and vivid level. It prepared us and opened us to the powerful energy and vitality of the continent of Africa.

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