Igniting the power of fire for people and nature on July 22th 2021 in Rushaga-Bwindi/ Uganda

For our fire ceremony in Uganda, we have chosen a place that allows us to feel and sense the connection with the original spirit and soul. We are standing on a mountain top - at the edge of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

To our right and to our left we are looking at forests that could not be more different.

On the one hand, a planted monoculture forest with trees lined up in rows - the man-made artificiality and exploitability aimed at purely economic use is very clearly perceptible.

On the other hand, almost pristine rainforest that touches with its order and harmony. Countless species find place and space next to each other. None of them is cramped, yet everything is densely overgrown. Each tree, each plant gives each other exactly the space they need to thrive in the best possible way. Living communication and connectedness can be felt in this forest.

We consciously meditate for this place and connect the artificial with the natural-creative from separateness back into the original Oneness.  Each plant is equal in dignity and needs our support to come back into the potential, which is possible for it in itself.

Bringing the power of pristine nature back into expansion, expression and vitality is an essential matter of heart of our peace community.

In this way, we are working spiritually, mentally and completely alive in this place of the world. By doing so, we expand original-information, original-consciousness and original-energy, so that the two forests can unite again. The artificial, man-made forest can thus pick up the originality of its brother rainforest again.

We as healing travelers consider our serving to give back to nature all the possibilities to flourish in this natural and original way.

In our subsequent fire ceremony, we ignite a fire that has a causative effect on a spiritual, mental and living level. Ordering, harmonizing and rhythmic drumming reinforces this spiritual process. The drums have always been an instrument that leads us humans and the trees into the innermost depths and connection with Mother Earth.

Spirit and soul open and intense communication on the spirit-soul-level is enabled to all beings. The drum reminds all living beings of our united originality.

The beating of our drum was audible from afar and had attracted the attention of all the people living in the near and far surroundings and they flocked to us.

They attended our fire ceremony including fire dance, which was especially an homage to the fire power of the sun, which makes all life possible by its light and glow and warmth.

A special feature of our fire dance, in which information, consciousness and energy of the fire is brought into expansion, expression and liveliness, is in addition the unification of the dancer with the inner and outer fire.

Through his being united and connected with heaven and earth, he causes the dissolution of all separating energies.

The fire dancer thus affects his environment on a spiritual-mental level. People were amazed to see such a dance, which embodied freedom and devotion in this manner.

We all experienced together a vivid, soulful and spiritual fire, in which the original power for man and nature became apparent.

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