Healing of the plants – Environment protection and preservation of the species in Brazil, March 21st – April 5th, 2018

For us as plant healing group we have a deep wish to protect and to honor each plant in order to help for their preservation.

We could pander this wish in Brazil. Nowhere else on earth is the variety of plant life as high as in this wonderful country. Where plants are, there is light. Where plants are, there is love. Where plants are, there is life. Thick rainforest houses 55,000 different plant species, which all needs support from the humans. Because species richness is shrinking daily; over the past ten years, 180,000 square kilometers of rainforest have been destroyed in the Brazilian Amazon alone. Everyone knows that this may change.

We have asked the plants for forgiveness for all the mischief we humans have done to them. Through mediation and blessing we set impulses for healing. Every day we connected us together with the plants of the rainforest and felt their love and their devotion. Because every plant presents us with complete peace without expecting any kind of reward.

For us it was a very big honor to plant three trees, which now shine for light, love and life on the Amazon Eco Park grounds.

Even guided jungle walks brought the connection between us and plants to another dimension: humans and nature become one.  An overnight stay in the rainforest was our personal highlight. Falling asleep with the sound of the jungle in the ear and perceiving overall his order, harmony and rhythm is indescribable.

On another day we got the honor to be in touch with redwood trees of Brazil physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. Trees are living things which, through their pronounced and far-reaching root systems, maintain a very deep connection to Mother Earth and through their direction to Father Sky, a direct connection to the spiritual and cosmic world.

The sequoia lest by its length, it is one of the largest trees of the world, and its thick trunk, flow very much energy. We have been able to feel this incredible flow of energy.  We could intensify it by building a connection between our hearts and the heart of the redwood tree and touching the bark with our hands, faces and our entire body.

We felt like we were putting ourselves into a light pillar. We felt the energy of the redwood tree flowing through us. We felt the heartbeat of the tree and that our heartbeat slowly became ONE with his heartbeat and we merged into unity.

We want to say THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this incredible journey and for every intense encounter. Thank you that we are allowed to play a part in contributing that humans, animals, plants and mother earth will live again in unity. Because that's the beginning of something really big.

Lynn Feltes and Annika Hildebrandt

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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