A peace and abundance visit to the Kayaw in Htay Kho, Myanmar/ 6 December 2019

Peace, for which we are travelling the world, has a lot to do with abundance and fulfilment as well as with satiety and satiation on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual. On the journeys for peace it is a matter of the heart for us, to gift our fellow human beings with material abundance as well as with soul-spiritual abundance: To impulse in them, regardless of their life circumstances, again the original consciousness of abundance that is innate in all of us.

In this spirit, we astonished the owner of the local grocery store at the village entrance and gave him an unprecedented material wealth by buying most of his shelves empty. Packed with rice sacks, several other foods as well as shoes for young and old, we made our way to the Kayaw community, which was already waiting for our group at its assembly point.

The visit to the Kayaws moved us all very much. Dancing and making music with them, playing and laughing with the children and preparing a joint feast in peace for all, which was completely unique and very special in the history of this community, made us deeply happy, and let us soulfully and enthusiastically.

We were especially touched by a blind woman of the community. She could not see our gifts of abundance and peace with her eyes, and yet she saw and felt that this day was a very special day of happiness in her life, when she was given rich gifts, food and sustenance "out of the blue" and without any conditions. There was peace in her face while we danced and played music together, while we ate and she curiously tasted our "foreign bread" and during our acknowledgement and appreciation of the Kayaw community and its culture, when we gave her a blessed rock crystal heart as a sign of our everlasting heart connection. She revealed to us all what is true: Peace is fulfilled when we ourselves are fulfilled and at peace.

“You can see love outside
when you are peace inside.”
David Wared

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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