Forgiveness work on February 15th, 2023in Camarones / La Guajira, Taganga / Santa Marta, Hot springs / Cienega and Cerro Kennedy/ Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta/ Colombia

Our encounters with Wiwa representatives took us to several sacred places: Camarones / La Guajira, Taganga / Santa Marta, Hot springs / Cienega and Cerro Kennedy/ Minca.

Together, united and grateful together with us, the Wiwa Mamos held their pagamentos and asked us to speak our healing and forgiveness meditations.

As citizens of the world, we asked the Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco and Kankuamo people, on behalf of all Europeans, for forgiveness for all the injustices they had experienced.

When responsibility is taken for what happened, forgiveness is asked for and forgiveness is allowed in the hearts, reconnection and peace can come alive. We were able to feel the depth of this peace connection verbally and nonverbally in our encounters even after the meditation.

Early in the morning we went together with the Wiwa to Taganga to meditate in a place overlooking the sea, to practice pagamentos and to listen to the sounds of a sacred Wiwa woman.

Water healing in Cienega

Our forgiveness and healing journey continued to the sacred and hot springs in Cienega. Completely familiar with each other, the traditional pagamentos of the Wiwa followed our crystal offerings into these sacred springs. We gave one crystal heart for freedom, one for peace, one for truth, one for love and one for unity to the water. Connected with our universal blessings: Light, Love, Life, Healing, Power and Blessings.

High up in Cerro Kennedy we extended peace over movement meditation.

It was and is grace, blessing and miracle to be in this sacred place. Seeing the five highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada, feeling their connection with the highest mountains of this world.

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