For a world at peace - Kogi - guardians of the earth - and healers from the Light Awareness work together in Palomino, Colombia, June 9th, 2021

We have been deeply connected in our hearts to the Sierra Nevada and the Kogis, one of the indigenous peoples of Colombia, since our 2018 Peace Journey. In the times after our trips, our peace serving continues continuously. For the respective country, the nature, the animals and for the people.


With our vision of Cities of Peace worldwide we create places in the respective countries where peace can be experienced, known and recognized in a new way. A place where originality of all living beings is lived and taught. In this way, people can experience liberation, discover healing and realize more and more their true innermost fundamental goodness and their eternal peace connection.
Peace in man.
Peace with other people.
Peace with animals.
Peace with nature.
Peace with Mother Earth.
That is lived peace for us. This is the originality of all of us. Here we humans are what we really are: spiritual beings who have chosen to stay for a time on this wonderful earth.

For several months now, healers from our peace community in Germany have been in Colombia to take the next steps for our City of Peace Colombia. Thereby the support for different Kogi communities is one of the main tasks. We help our "big brothers" on the physical, mental and spiritual level. In order to cleanse oneself energetically, the knowledge of aura cleansing according to Light Awareness is of great importance. So we teach in the communities how this healing purification can be done by everyone themselves. Mothers can easily practice this for and with their children and thus contribute greatly to maintaining health on all three levels (physical, soul, spiritual). Each child's energetic presence is mirrored in this way, it experiences its unique significance for the togetherness on our planet.

With the approval of the mamos and the teacher of the Kogi community of Tungueka, more and more women gather around us with their children. Many do not understand Spanish and so the village teacher translates our explanations. After the first medical care follows the instructions for the  aura cleaning. This information is received with great interest and approval. We will gladly comply with the wish to come back. Then there will be even more time for consultation, treatment and training.
We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opening of the Kogis to work together with us.
(This journey has been financed privately.)

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