A meeting with the Aborigines of Titjikala in Australia for re-rooting in peace/ November 20, 2019

Who hasn't? A flower once separated from its root wilts in a short time and its former splendour is hardly recognizable. This image of the cut flowers separated from their root can be applied to all living things, including human beings. Europeans contributed to the uprooting of many indigenous peoples during the early modern voyages of discovery and colonization, among other things. Think of the North American Lakota and Cheyenne, the Latin American Maya and Inca, the African Fulani and Masai, the Asian Kurds and Hmong or the Australian Aborigines and New Zealand Maori - to name but a few. The Aborigines of Titjikala have as well lost their ancestral land as a result of the arrival of the Europeans and thus the connection to their roots.

In the spirit of the Light Awareness Philosophy according to David Wared, we did not travel to Titjikala as tourists. We travelled to Titjikala out of our self-recognized peace, which came alive in us, in order to realize encounters between Aborigines and Europeans in a completely new consciousness.
It was a deep concern of our heart to show the Aborigines the highest esteem and appreciation and to meet them at eye level, from heart to heart, from soul to soul and from spirit to spirit in order to make healing touch on all levels possible - physical, mental and spiritual.


Out of our sense of global responsibility we longed for true and deep encounters with them, which would free from prejudices, which would heal and pacify the wounds of the past a little bit and which would contribute to the realization that beyond all external, linguistic and cultural differences we are all one big world family and ONE.
Re-Rooting can happen again out of information, consciousness and the energy and power of peace, unity and common origin.  Figuratively speaking, we travelled to Australia as people who wanted to show in their encounters with the Aborigines that we were interested in genuine connection and exchange. 

everyday life, their worries and needs, and asked them about their wishes. At their request, we shared spiritual moments with them in meditation and prayer, touched their souls with interpersonal encounters of the heart and supported them materially in their life challenges. The Aborigines gave us deep insights into their distinct sensitivity and sensibility for healing energy and humanity. Touching communication through the eyes made lots of words unnecessary. We encouraged them in conversations to recall their strength and ability to take up again the original order, harmony and rhythm of nature, to be again the keepers of it and thus to reconnect to their original roots. We said goodbye with great happiness, cordiality and the mutual desire to meet again.

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