Encounters in peace with Muslim brothers and sisters on our travels around the world

When we look back on our travels and the encounters with Muslim brothers and sisters, we are deeply delighted with the experiences at various invitations and encounters in several countries. Our hearts filled with honor and respect for the Islam is the foundation upon which we meet Muslims, no matter where on this earth.

Touching moments of deep attachment remain whenever hearts have met. We are blessed with this experience several times with Muslim fellow human beings whom we seem to meet by chance.

During our visits to various mosques, we meet many villagers and talk with them about peace. Interested in our philosophical view of peace, they ask many questions and we become engaged in meaningful conversations with men and women. A shared moment for peace in the world connects across religious boundaries.

We are happy to help with a donation to buy a power generator for one of the mosques and we are glad that we can help with the implementation.

We are invited to a peace congress for young Muslims and Christians to talk about peace and our peace journey. Here, we meet young, open-minded people who spend a day working on peace. It is a wonderful thing that this kind of youth encounter is organized. We give a keynote speech on peace. One aspect of our peace lecture: Peace with the animals is of special interest, hence we talk about how our idea of peace includes peace with animals, plants and the earth. We call this: Extended humanity.

We also continue visiting children, and our program includes visits to Muslim schools. Each time, we experience a friendly reception and interest in our work for peace. For this, we say a heartfelt thank you. We are glad that our donation supports the work with the children on site.

We also visit the smaller kindergarten children. We believe it is very important to support children on the levels of their body, mind and soul. Together we sing, play and pray; this makes peace experiences possible and touches the hearts of young and old.

At the end of our trips, we invite to our Peace Dinner. As a token of appreciation, we present the Muslim and Christian clerics with blessed peace scarfs bearing the inscription of the 5 eternal values: peace, freedom, unity, love and truth. Afterwards, we share a meal together. From time immemorial dining together has been an act of peace. We thank for this peaceful and blessed evening, which once again has made us experience the power of peace.

It is a great honor and we are delighted to see and feel how, in all religions, our longing for peace unites us and makes us joyful.

(Our journeys are financed privately.)

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