Earth Healing – Healing, protection and shelter for the rainforest and Mother Earth in Brazil, March 21st – April 5th, 2018

The small, especially for Brazil grounded, group earth healing met before the journey and connected themself by meditation with the whole region of the Brazilian rainforest and set in advance four light pillars on the corner points of the area. to energetically prepare and raise this region.

Our first meeting at March, 23rdin the local rainforest serves for orientation. We want to find out how we want to go on further and what there is to do essentials for us. At first the small group connected with a big and older tree. This tree presents us his energy and answered our questions. All of us receive the following information:  The trees are playing a connecting and supporting role in the sensitive ecosystem. Due to the deforestation and exploitation of mother earth in the Amazon entire water and breathing circuit is severely disturbed.

We have the common impulse to connect directly with Mother Earth through our hands and send abundant energy to refill existing energy holes. We practice this immediately on the beach of the Rio Negro in a circular meditation and assist with the sounding of the earth tone. In this meditation we get the impulse to practice this procedure together with the whole group of all participants. The goal here is for participants to remember, connect to their original power, and return that power to Mother Earth.


Our next meeting takes place on the deforested sandy area. We make contact, each in his own way and come back to a consistent result. There is a clear lack of the element of water also the other elements are disharmonious and the lack of light pillar finds its place here. It feels like filling a big, deep energetic hole. We kneel down, bringing our hands to the ground in front of us so that our little fingers touch and form a circle. In our common meditation, we use our Essence body and each of its first element to help. We get in touch with the natural and elemental beings. We perceive them in and on the earth. They behave observationally open, but inactive.

We call the four elements water, earth, fire and air - invite them. We act as a channel for the Light Essence and begin to fill up the energetic deficiency - the energetic hole. Primarily, the element of water flows through us more intensely. We consciously give the UR-information to the earth by sounding the earth tone. Interestingly, today a different sound is created than yesterday. He seems to adapt to our respective actions. The fifth light pillar connects to the four light pillars already set at home and forms their center. Now the natural and elemental beings become active and support our work.

We dissolve old karma and hereby open up the opportunity for forgiveness work. It creates a sacred and healing moment for ourselves and for the entire area. The birds approach and begin to sing. The very high temperature on and in the ground cools noticeably.

In the morning of March 29th, we repeat our work with 25 persons. We can notice, that the new light pillar has an available, confirm flow of energy. The element water is in balance and all elements appear in harmony.  The temperature on and in the soil has been permanently lowered and is now naturally. Our connection with all elements and nature beings is constant and present. We can clearly und visibly feel that personal healing has taken place on this day. In thankfulness and holiness we say goodbye after having a feedback circle.

In ongoing meditations we work with 15 persons in the proven way. We can perceive that the new light pillar has a stable energy flow now. The element of water is now balanced and the elements are harmonious. The temperature on and in the ground has dropped permanently and looks natural. Once again, energies, colors and forms are revealed - they become clearly tactile.
Our natural connection to the natural and elemental beings is constant and present. The aspect of personal healing is clearly visible and palpable on several people that day. With a feedback round of gratitude and holiness, we say goodbye to this circle.

In our final group discussion at the end of our journey, we note that we have performed our assignment in deep love, gratitude, and connectedness with each other and with all of creation, as well as in total joy and ease.
We have learned through the multitude of activities in earth healing, openly and in full acceptance of what shows us, to approach the tasks – to empathize instead of having conceptions. It is once again becoming clear to us that the conservation, protection and restoration of balance is essential to Mother Earth; as well as the connectedness of the people to her.

We understand our work in earth healing as the basis for this.

In deep love, service, gratitude, humility and connectedness.

Birgit Sommer 

(This journey has been financed privately.)         


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