Spiritual photography and Stillness Meditation
for global and intercultural world peace at the
Lotus Temple in Delhi, India on November 1st, 2023

The uniquely beautiful Lotus Temple in India's capital Delhi is an architectural masterpiece whose layout and architecture symbolize openness towards other religions. It is essential that this place is a global meeting place that is open to people of all religions, and so interreligious encounters takes place here with millions of visitors every year.
The shape of the building is based on a stylized lotus flower. According to David Wared's philosophy of light consciousness, this temple touches the Light Principle of universal order, harmony and rhythm in us in a special way through its architecture.

In the Bahai religion, the principle of unity applies to all of humanity. According to the Philosophy of Light Awareness, the value of unity is one of the five eternally valid values in the entire cosmos, alongside freedom, peace, truth and love. Primordial oneness is the true spiritual content and meaning of all coexistence. This applies to all creation: humans, animals, plants and nature, Mother Earth and the planets in space. Inside the temple, we meditate in silence for global and intercultural world peace and extend the universal energy of peace to all existence.

Spiritual Photographs in front of the Lotus Temple, which show the source of Light Awareness, David Wared, are deeply touching. His appreciation, esteem, honor and devotion for people of all religions and cultures can be felt with the eyes, heart and mind.
Through the blessing of the source of Light Awareness, original information, original consciousness and original energy is brought into expansion, expression and vitality.

„See in all order your own order.
See in all beauty your own harmony.
See in all actions your own rhythm.“
David Wared
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