Blessing of Water - a new encounter with the element water on July 12th, 2021 at Victoria Falls in Victoria Falls/ Zimbabwe .

On all our journeys we praise and bless water and all waters of this earth in common appreciation and meditation.

This time we stand in front of the majestically sublime Victoria Falls. The water partly rushes thunderously more than a hundred metres into the depths.

As it is so often the case, nature is our teacher, our role model and shows us humans what is possible.

Each drop gives itself completely and flows in peaceful unity with all the other drops. It lets itself fall into the deepest depths - without knowing where it will land. But in complete trust it surrenders itself to the events of life. He is fully aware of the meaning of his existence for the big picture.

We are touched by the beauty, the majesty and the gift that Mother Earth gives us and enter into deep, meditative encounter with the water.

We connect with the water surrounding us and besides our blessing we also give origin information, origin consciousness and origin energy into the water.

Every single drop is now additionally energised by us with universal consciousness and contains healing, strength, blessing, peace and love on a subtle level.

Every single drop flows from here on its predetermined path and serves people, animals, plants in the most diverse ways and gives them its life to give itself away completely in service.

Water is a carrier of information, consciousness and energy and thus our blessing will arrive everywhere on the path of the drop and work for the benefit of all beings, regardless of whether the recipient is consciously aware of it.

I am animated by this image and filled with admiration for the surrender of each drop to the river of life.

What a gift Mother Earth has given us once again!

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