Blessing for Harare and whole Africa on July 6th, 2021 in Harare/ Zimbabwe

Harare in Zimbabwe is the starting point of our peace healing journey in Africa. On the highest mountain of the city, our view expands beyond the cityscape into the vastness of the African Savannah. The beauty and abundance of the entire continent can be felt and sensed here.  We express our admiration and gratitude to Mama Africa in our blessing meditation and prayers.

In complete confidence, the feeling of infinite shelter may be experienced again, which Mother Earth gives to her beloved earth children everywhere in the world. From her abundance and devotion, she nourishes all living beings and leads them into a peaceful, fulfilled togetherness and forgetherness.

Peace connects. Our blessing meditation and prayers also reconnects with the original dignity of each human being, which will never be lost. We unselfishly give this dignity to all people in living words and actions of appreciation at all times. This also brings forgiveness for wrongs inflicted and suffered, and leads to the path of reunification of all people.

Beyond the one place that originally gave a home to the indigenous Shona tribe, peace returns to the whole country and continent.

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