Animals encounter original consciousness
in India in November 2023

When we are on world healing tours, we travel to meet, remember, connect and communicate with our next self, with people, animals, plants, Mother Earth, the elements and everything beyond.
In the spirit of Expanded Humanity, we send our blessings to all beings in every encounter, be they people, nature or animals. In this way, we can all expand our consciousness and a life of mindfulness, empathy and love is possible.
Intimate encounters with animals occur again and again and sometimes they accompany us even over days.

It is heart-warming to see how the animals deliberately move into physical closeness and intimacy with David Wared, the founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy. His dedication and devotion for all living beings is visible and infinitely deep.

For example, they accompany David Wared to early morning LightYoga and are with us at our Light Awareness Philosophy retreats and meditations. The animals take every opportunity, chance and possibility to bathe in the energy field of universal blessing.

It is touching to experience that animals feel the deepest original connection in these intimate moments. The source of Light Awareness can be felt, sensed and seen in presentness, attendance and presence.
All animals can thus intensively absorb original information, consciousness and energy of peace and healing and pass it on through themselves.


„Extended humanity is
love and dedication in one.“
David Wared

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