Animal healing – that’s what we call Animal protection in Brazil / March 21st – April 5th 2018

Deep connectivity and contacts of the hearts between human and animal, from heart to heart.

During our stay in the Amazon Eco Lodge at the river Rio Negro which is near Manaus, Brazil we got the honor and we were allowed to make on two days two special deeply and haunting experiences with the monkeys and dolphins.


With a Group of about 30 persons we went with several boats along the Rio Negro to a station which release the monkeys back into the wild. Arrived there, we were welcomed from two caretakers. They guided us to the point of connection from the monkeys. There they are feeded and it was allowed there to take pictures of them.

It was our affair of the heart to come in contact with them in honorableness, high esteem through eye contact and from heart to heart. Our guides and the caretakers become quickly aware that we didn’t see the encounter with the monkeys as an attraction for tourists, as they were used to see.

We gathered in the middle of the releasing station, formed a circle and gave a meditation for the healing of the monkeys. With this meditation we presented the monkeys with healing our love and our peace and our deep thankfulness.

It was noticeable, that the monkeys didn’t move back as usually after the guided tour. They were sitting in the trees around and watched us and listened to our words.

Our guide Heinz told us afterwards, that even the alpha animal Toni, he is normally only there during the feeding at the feeding place, sat during the mediation near us and watched us. Such a thing he had never experienced in the eight years he offers these tours, were his words addressed to us.

“The honorableness is inhered to all,

You, me, the other,

The animals, the plants, and Mother Earth”

David Wared

Some days later we travelled to a venue at which we became the chance to swim with the pink river dolphins.  We were allowed to get in contact with them by spirit, soul and body and also from heart to heart.

Previously we decided as animal healing group not to attract the dolphins with food.  We want to attract them only through sending them our peace, love and healing.

When the first of us went into the Rio Negro, the first dolphins greeted us.

During our common meditation in the water which was given by Kay more and more dolphins greeted us. We presented the dolphins with healing, honorableness and thankfulness. They nudged us with their snout, swum around our feet and come in contact with us through eyes.

One of the dolphins was so deeply absorbed in the eye contact with Xara, that he obviously was shocked, when a caretaker threw a fish to him anyway. It was easy to see that the dolphin got no interest in the fish thrown to him.

Each of us experiences on this day many haunting and deeply touching moments with the dolphins.

Again the guides told us that they never experienced before that the dolphins stayed so with people without attracting by food.  Happy and deeply touched we got into our boats and made our way home.

Each of the travel companions in the Amazonas region around Manaus experienced so many unique and deeply touching moments with animals. It was so many to experience, learn something and recognize within the two weeks. We are infinitely grateful for that. And these experiences are still working in us and will stay in our hearts forever.

Annika Hildebrandt

(This journey has been financed privately.)

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