Animal Healing according to David Wared

The healing philosopher and born healer David Wared gave the philosophy of Light Awareness to the world in 1974. It is the basis of Extended Humanity, which is about the equality of all living beings in their inviolable dignity. This is the basis for animal healing and animal welfare as we understand it.
Thus, for us, animals are of equal value, equal in dignity and one with all living things on earth. Animals are our fellow beings who make it possible for us humans to live in all places of the world. They, like all living beings, are essential to the ecological balance and enrich our planet with their beauty and diversity.
Animals are a wonderful inspiration for us, they teach us connectedness, unity, complete devotion, unconditional love, humility and truthfulness.
They use a different language than we humans do. By listening to our innermost and through deep heart connection with the animals, we can feel their language again and thus be in communication with them.
We see animals as lucky charms, peace revealers and messengers of holiness who help and assist us humans on our path of liberation, healing and recognition.
We live Extended Humanity. It is for us the basis of the vision of worldwide peace. A life that honors, blesses and admiringly thanks all living beings. Vegetarian nutrition is therefore a matter of the heart for us.
We travel the world as animal and species protectors for the protection and welfare of animals. We are also concerned with the protection of endangered animals and breeds.

We go into connection with the animals and set healing impulses on all three levels: spiritual, soul and physical. In our protection and healing work, forgiveness impulses are set in the animals for their inner liberation and healing.
In closeness through our being close and deep heart connection with the animals they feel the protection, the security and the being carried that we give for them through our being with them into the world, they feel the admiration and the blessing that we speak for them. The spiritual, soulful and vividly felt being one with the animal and its race becomes tangible through animal healing according to David Wared.
We thank all animals and give them back their original dignity, strengthen the whole breed, harmonize and fill them with new strength and energy. It is the task and responsibility of us humans to protect animals, give them rights, preserve their habitats, leave them in their freedom and allow them to live in their expression.
Animal healing is significant to achieve peace on a global level and also helps people to find peace within themselves. Thus, animal healing is essential healing action for peace in the world and the realization of Extended Humanity. This is our payback to the animals.

All existence has a dignity.
Not only man, but also animals and nature are equally dignified.
David Wared
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