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Many little people in many little places
make a spot of light,
many spots of light in many little cities
make many regions of light,
many regions of light in many little countries
make a world of light,
many worlds full of light
make a universal light.
David Wared


Light Awareness Community

We are the international, philosophical Light Awareness Community, a peace community from Dusseldorf / Germany.

Many of us live together. Our philosophical basis is the ideal philosophy of Light Awareness, originated by David Wared. It derives via its Theory of Creation that the origin of all living beings, all creation and all existence is freedom, peace, truth, love and unity. If man separates from this origin, lack, suffering, illness, search for meaning enters his life. He tries to compensate his separation from the origin by a substitute world. However, in every living being there is a deep longing for the originally existing connection. This longing guides him. To remind people on their path of consciousness of their origin, to connect them and to be in communication about it, is the longing of all of us.

By means of education, counseling, support, treatment and accompaniment, we are intimately connected with people on our WORLD TOUR for PEACE trips around the world. Each of us has encountered, experienced and recognized for himself that peace is within himself - and therefore also within every living being.

When man feels and lives again his eternal, infinite and immortal connection with freedom, peace, truth, love and unity, he will act in a new consciousness. Being in abundance, being happy, being good for himself and for all people, animals and Mother Earth are the orientation of his think-feel-actions. He has arrived again at his original self and being at peace and helps all who need support on their way.

We act free from economic interests, political and social systems and are beyond religions. Our peace service is voluntary and funded by donations.

May I ask you to sow your seed of peace into the world?
May I ask you to give away your flower of peace, fragrant?
May I ask you to reveal your longing for peace?
May I ask you to accomplish your serving of peace?
David Wared


We send Peace

We send Peace - Ongoing, persistently, perpetually

Ongoing, persistently and perpetually, peace transmissions and blessings for people, animals, plants, Mother Earth, spiritual beings and planets in space have been going out into the world and the universe from the community of light awareness worldwide for many decades.

  • Day after day and night after night, in the morning at 5 o'clock and in the evening at 9 o'clock CET, the Source of Peace and us together send origin information, origin consciousness and origin energy for all those longing for peace and healing in the world. All people are invited and requested to join us and give their unique peace frequency to the world.
  • Every Monday at 8 p.m. (CET) there is a silent meditation open to the public at our Motherhouse in Germany. Silence meditations invite the meditator to receive from being still. If the meditator allows himself to receive, he is gifted with information, consciousness and energy of the 11 basic values and gives this vibration and frequency as a gift to the world.
  • Tuesdays are the day of Earth Healing and Healing Peace Expansion for Mother Earth.
  • Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. (CET) a World Peace Meditation of one hour, open to the public, takes place at our Motherhouse in Düsseldorf, Germany. Anyone longing for peace can join the livestream for the meditation, which is guided in English, by following the link below:
  • On Thursdays, peace expansion is practiced through movement and dance, our Energy Dancing.
  • Every Friday evening at 9 pm (CET) we dedicate our peace sendings to a specific country of this earth.
  • At the end of each of our diverse meetings for light conscious projects there is a minute of healing sending for peace in the world.
  • From the various departments of our academy, peace expansion events take place several times a month. For example, peace expansion through dance, song, sound, Light Yoga and Light Constellations. Also, through peace days of our department of Earth Healing applied peace work is practiced for different countries of the world. One example are peace days in our forest and thus for all forests of this earth.
  • Several times a year, 24-hour silent peace meditations take place in our Motherhouse, in which anyone longing for peace can participate.
  • Large events in cities for Peace & Love meditations have already taken place in various cities in Germany, as well as Peace Congresses in Memmingen and Hamburg.

Purposeless and voluntary service for peace in the world for spiritual peace impulse, for soul peace inspiration and for lively peace creation worldwide, that is what we are standing for.

The Light Awareness Academy

Our home

The Light Awareness Academy is located in Duesseldorf, Germany. It was founded in 2011 by David Wared as a place for all people to meet, learn, develop and act.

Various training sessions and study programs are offered based on the Light Awareness Philosophy in order to educate the mind, touch the soul and aid in the process of mental and spiritual healing. The Academy offers training as a Lightessence- therapist, LightYoga-master, Lightconstellations-instructor, Energy Dancing master and meditation master, as well as philosophical studies.

In addition to this training, there are regular offerings in meditation, LightYoga, Energy Dancing, Lightawareness talks, Lightconstellations, Earth Healing, human light points activation, praise chanting, choir, healing massage and sound therapy.

Our statement on

The offerings at the Light Awareness Academy are based on the five pillars of education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment.

1. Pillar: Education
Self-knowledge, self-expression and self-development are the focus of this first pillar. We train people to know and experience in themselves how the mind, soul and body work together and how actively accepting responsibility can change everything.

2. Pillar: Consultation
Philosophical, health-related, practical and economicquestions form the focus of this second pillar. We help people understand the meaning behind their issues, illness, conflicts or crises. When we understand the true connections between things, we can heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually and learn to handle things in a new way.

3. Pillar: Supervision
Becoming healed, whole and unified is the focus of the third pillar. We teach people on the basis of heart-to-heart encounters that they are not alone and that they can overcome problems together with others.

4. Pillar: Assistance
Help in crises, in times of need and in times of doubt form the focus of this fourth pillar. We support people personally, individually and through the community so this confidence and strength can be developed and further steps can be taken.

5. Pillar: Treatment
Therapies for blockades, diseases and conflicts form the focus of this fifth pillar. We help people through the use of therapies that dissolve blockages, bring back energy to the body and thus help people to heal, become balanced and achieve clarity.

Welcome to peace

Cities of peace throughout the world

Our vision of peace includes building a city of peace, starting with Duesseldorf, Germany. But our vision is also one for the entire world: In each of the 100 countries we visit, we will lay the foundation to create a city of peace. This will create a network of cities of peace throughout the entire world so people can live in these cities, visit them, educate themselves and develop further. More and more people will testify through their own experiences that:

“Freedom is possible.”
“I am peace and I represent peace.”

We will show that it is possible, beginning with a city of peace in Germany. We will show people and allow them to experience how peace, love, freedom, truth, and unity can come alive.

A city of peace

  • as a place where the human desire for peace is realized and peace is lived within oneself and with others.
  • as a place where people live, work, learn, meditate, dance and collaborate together in a great family and experience deep fulfillment and joy.
  • as a place where the 11 fundamental values of our philosophy are realized every day.
  • as a place where every individual works actively on developing awareness and receives all the support they need for this.
  • as a place where the best education and newest therapies are offered for everyone.
  • as a place where extended humanity is lived.
  • as a place where every resident receives an unconditional basic income.
  • as a place where every resident contributes according to their abilities and talents.
  • as a place that grows and expands.
  • as a place that welcomes guests who would like to live and experience a completely new way of co-existence.
  • as a place where people serve each other with joy, interact peacefully, are really free and truthful, and feel the unity.

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David Wared - The initiator

Opener of the greatest vision of peace for mankind

Peace spirit orders everything protectively into the original order.
Peace soul harmonizes everything sheltering into the origin harmony.
Peace life rhythms everything carrying into the rhythm of origin.
David Wared

David Wared, Source of Light Awareness, is the originator of a complete, whole and ONE philosophy of peace, the Philosophy of Light Awareness.

With Light Awareness Philosophy, David Wared enlightens people about their origin, the meaning of their existence and their creative potential. As a peace visionary, he describes three levels of peace: individual, global and universal peace. This results in a new and complete path of recognition for human beings. David Wared teaches, treats, accompanies and counsels people worldwide on their path of peace realization.

As a living revelation of freedom, peace, truth, love and unity, he gives himself to people to impulse their liberation, healing and recognition. His longing is to remind all people of their origin of freedom, peace, truth, love and unity and to connect their hearts with it. This is how their creative potential can unfold.

To fully realize peace, freedom, truth, love and unity within oneself is to attain complete All-recognition of one's origin as being whole, being connected and being one with all beings of all worlds. This spiritual evolution and transformation of human beings into fully responsible and peaceful beings enables lasting, worldwide peace.

From the Peace Philosophy of Light Awareness, David Wared originates the vision of worldwide peace. With WORLD TOUR for PEACE and worldwide Cities of Peace he impulses the implementation of a global and sustainable peace serving.

Worldwide peace work

of David Wared

The organization team

We are your contacts

Our core team currently consists of 7 people, with whom all the threads of the organization converge. Behind the core team there is a group of 30 people who dedicate a huge amount of time for WORLD TOUR for PEACE tours.


Susanne Knopp

Chairman | General Management WORLD TOUR for PEACE | Philosopher of Light Awareness

When I first heard about David’s vision for the WORLD TOUR for PEACE in May 2014, I was immediately fascinated: 1 tour – 100 countries – 100 people – at least 1 year around the world! I immediately felt a great desire and longing to bring this fascinating vision to life and to participate in its planning.

Today, a few years later, I am still excited by the vision of our world tour. However, my personal understanding of the tour has changed: At first, it seemed important to me to participate in such a large project, which was different from everything else, on the basis of aspects of my years of professional experience as an event manager. Today I understand that the implementation of the content of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is essential and know what we want to do with it:

We wish to reach people all over the world with the WORLD TOUR for PEACE . We want to touch people worldwide, from heart to heart through our commitment. We also want to connect people, different religions and different cultures. We want to bring peace, love, freedom, truth and unity into the world, not only for humans, but also for animals, plants and our Mother Earth.

I am honored and am very grateful to contribute to making our world more peaceful through my personal commitment and work.

Beate Knopp

Vice Chairman | Communication | Cooperation Management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

As a consultant and coach, I have been in contact with people for over 25 years and have seen a lot of different human visions. I had been searching for “something bigger” for many years, for an understanding of what the world is all about. I have found exactly what I had always been searching for in the Light Awareness Philosophy.

Never before has a vision touched me so deeply and lastingly as David Wared’s vision for the whole of humankind. I dedicated myself to this vision, to this philosophy, because it touches within me my longing for a change in the world and because it has made clear to me that I can do something as a single person and thereby motivate other people as well. When we recognize our true nature, live unity with one another and thereby free our original knowledge, our original consciousness, our original energy and power, we will change the world.

I see that this vision for world peace can expand and change all our human systems:

  • Our inner, personal system (all our beliefs, conditioning and ideas about identity),
  • Our economic system (We earn money through war, not peace. So far money has ruled the world, not our recognition that we are brothers and sisters – we can all change this),
  • Our religions (We have not yet been taught that the individual carries basic goodness and justice within themselves and has arrived in their creative power, is a creative being),
  • Our cultures (which tell us what is good and right).

I take my task of participating in this journey of peace with joy and gratitude. I am honored.

Karin Knopp

Vice Chairman | Public Relations | Corporate Design & Social Media | Philosopher of Light Awareness

My greatest wish for all of us is PEACE! Peace between people, peace with animals and plants, and peace with Mother Earth. This world tour will be the greatest peace movement in the world, and I am very grateful to be able to give my energy and creativity to this great vision.

Before I got to know David Wared, I was in a kind of sleep. The Light Awareness Philosophy has opened my eyes, broadened my perception, and given my life a profound meaning. I would like to help people to awaken from their sleep so that they can open their hearts, recognize the miracle of creation and, in peace and solidarity, build a community of expanded humanity with all their fellow-beings.

It is essential first to recognize peace in oneself in order to then be able to be at peace with others and to extend peace to the whole world.

This world tour also pays something back to our Mother Earth. We want to raise awareness that we should all respect Mother Earth, honor her and care for her.

My task for this world tour is to shape the tour outwardly as well as inwardly so that love can flow into the hearts of all and peace is activated in the hearts of all. I accept this task with great gratitude and humility.

Kay Kampmann

Organization | Finance & Administration | Philosopher of Light Awareness

When I was introduced to the healing philosopher David Wared in 2011, my life began to change.

From 2013 to 2015, I completed my studies as a Lightessence-therapist with David. I was able to experience a great deal of liberation and emotion thanks to his assistance.

In the summer of 2015, I joined the world tour project team.

Since I have arrived at full peace with myself, a longing has grown in me to expand this peace outward to the world. This project is so fascinating and so large that I have put my responsibility and everything else into it.

It is a great honor for me to be with the others – and the many others who will join us in the future. I look forward to all of you!

Stefanie Horst

Communication | Cooperation management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

As I grew up in a rural area and with animals, I was feeling the connection of all life at an early age.  The nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl had a strong impact on me as a 19-year-old - from then on, I’ve always tried to do something for our planet on a small scale. The study of environmental technology was one expression of this.

When I met David Wared and the Philosophy of Light Awareness, I learnt to understand complex interrelations that I had only been able to feel or sense before.

The fact that worldwide peace means that every living being is able to recognize and fulfill its life's purpose unharmed and without fear, exceeds all the ideas I had until then.
I have experienced and recognized myself that this perfect idea of worldwide peace begins in me.
I am convinced that it is possible, and I am committed to it with my whole life.

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is only one of many actions with which we will set impulses worldwide for healing, liberation and recognition of individuals and whole groups of people.

The WORLD TOUR for PEACE has already begun in me, and I look forward to meeting YOU and exchanging ideas about peace with YOU.

Maybe YOU are the crucial point that belongs to the initiators of a CITY of PEACE in your hometown. So that peace can be experienced and lived in many places at the same time. So that a network of the peaceable can stretch over the globe and peace gets your and ONE voice.

Monika Koppe-Rulands

Organization | Cooperation management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

Through my studies of the Light Awareness Philosophy, my attention is repeatedly drawn to the true, eternal, ONE peace. This peace is our origin and anchored in the essence of every living being.

However, unrest in the world has become so common(place) for most people that the very idea of a world in which all creation lives sustainably and completely in peace is hardly considered possible. The vision of worldwide peace goes beyond everything that people can rationally conceive in constructs of systems and cultures.

Actively helping to shape and create the largest, most conceivable and deeply felt vision of realizing Peace on earth answers my questions about the meaning of life.

Living a life in Peace - Creating a world in Peace:

It all starts in me. My thinking, feeling and acting are completely peaceful because I have recognized my origin in Peace. This ethos guides me, directs me and aligns me with THE peace.

On the WORLD TOUR for PEACE by David Wared, I take responsibility for touching people in their original peace and showing opportunities and possibilities for how peace can be resolved.

Finally, peace with myself, peace with my fellow human beings, peace between peoples, , peace with the entire creation. Finally, true PEACE ON EARTH.

Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V.

The association

The charitable association Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization to expand the vision of world peace and to implement it with various worldwide projects in the fields of education, environmental, animal and plant protection, international understanding and benevolent support of needy people.

The planning, organization, realization and aftercare of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE tours is our worldwide project, as impulse and initiation for the emergence of worldwide peace cities.

The support and accompaniment of the projects initiated during this peace tour worldwide in the sense of world peace, expanded humanity and sustainability, are also the task of the association.

Our peace ambassadors are in contact with people of the countries to be visited before, during and also after the journey and enable the laying of the foundation stone for peace cities in the countries visited.

For more information visit:  We are pleased that you are interested in our association.

Opinions about us